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#include <stdio.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <linux/zaptel.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/ppp_defs.h> 
#include <sys/ioctl.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "bittest.h"
#include "fasthdlc.h"

/* #define BLOCK_SIZE 2048 */
#define BLOCK_SIZE 2041

static int hdlcmode = 0;

static unsigned short fcstab[256] =
      0x0000, 0x1189, 0x2312, 0x329b, 0x4624, 0x57ad, 0x6536, 0x74bf,
      0x8c48, 0x9dc1, 0xaf5a, 0xbed3, 0xca6c, 0xdbe5, 0xe97e, 0xf8f7,
      0x1081, 0x0108, 0x3393, 0x221a, 0x56a5, 0x472c, 0x75b7, 0x643e,
      0x9cc9, 0x8d40, 0xbfdb, 0xae52, 0xdaed, 0xcb64, 0xf9ff, 0xe876,
      0x2102, 0x308b, 0x0210, 0x1399, 0x6726, 0x76af, 0x4434, 0x55bd,
      0xad4a, 0xbcc3, 0x8e58, 0x9fd1, 0xeb6e, 0xfae7, 0xc87c, 0xd9f5,
      0x3183, 0x200a, 0x1291, 0x0318, 0x77a7, 0x662e, 0x54b5, 0x453c,
      0xbdcb, 0xac42, 0x9ed9, 0x8f50, 0xfbef, 0xea66, 0xd8fd, 0xc974,
      0x4204, 0x538d, 0x6116, 0x709f, 0x0420, 0x15a9, 0x2732, 0x36bb,
      0xce4c, 0xdfc5, 0xed5e, 0xfcd7, 0x8868, 0x99e1, 0xab7a, 0xbaf3,
      0x5285, 0x430c, 0x7197, 0x601e, 0x14a1, 0x0528, 0x37b3, 0x263a,
      0xdecd, 0xcf44, 0xfddf, 0xec56, 0x98e9, 0x8960, 0xbbfb, 0xaa72,
      0x6306, 0x728f, 0x4014, 0x519d, 0x2522, 0x34ab, 0x0630, 0x17b9,
      0xef4e, 0xfec7, 0xcc5c, 0xddd5, 0xa96a, 0xb8e3, 0x8a78, 0x9bf1,
      0x7387, 0x620e, 0x5095, 0x411c, 0x35a3, 0x242a, 0x16b1, 0x0738,
      0xffcf, 0xee46, 0xdcdd, 0xcd54, 0xb9eb, 0xa862, 0x9af9, 0x8b70,
      0x8408, 0x9581, 0xa71a, 0xb693, 0xc22c, 0xd3a5, 0xe13e, 0xf0b7,
      0x0840, 0x19c9, 0x2b52, 0x3adb, 0x4e64, 0x5fed, 0x6d76, 0x7cff,
      0x9489, 0x8500, 0xb79b, 0xa612, 0xd2ad, 0xc324, 0xf1bf, 0xe036,
      0x18c1, 0x0948, 0x3bd3, 0x2a5a, 0x5ee5, 0x4f6c, 0x7df7, 0x6c7e,
      0xa50a, 0xb483, 0x8618, 0x9791, 0xe32e, 0xf2a7, 0xc03c, 0xd1b5,
      0x2942, 0x38cb, 0x0a50, 0x1bd9, 0x6f66, 0x7eef, 0x4c74, 0x5dfd,
      0xb58b, 0xa402, 0x9699, 0x8710, 0xf3af, 0xe226, 0xd0bd, 0xc134,
      0x39c3, 0x284a, 0x1ad1, 0x0b58, 0x7fe7, 0x6e6e, 0x5cf5, 0x4d7c,
      0xc60c, 0xd785, 0xe51e, 0xf497, 0x8028, 0x91a1, 0xa33a, 0xb2b3,
      0x4a44, 0x5bcd, 0x6956, 0x78df, 0x0c60, 0x1de9, 0x2f72, 0x3efb,
      0xd68d, 0xc704, 0xf59f, 0xe416, 0x90a9, 0x8120, 0xb3bb, 0xa232,
      0x5ac5, 0x4b4c, 0x79d7, 0x685e, 0x1ce1, 0x0d68, 0x3ff3, 0x2e7a,
      0xe70e, 0xf687, 0xc41c, 0xd595, 0xa12a, 0xb0a3, 0x8238, 0x93b1,
      0x6b46, 0x7acf, 0x4854, 0x59dd, 0x2d62, 0x3ceb, 0x0e70, 0x1ff9,
      0xf78f, 0xe606, 0xd49d, 0xc514, 0xb1ab, 0xa022, 0x92b9, 0x8330,
      0x7bc7, 0x6a4e, 0x58d5, 0x495c, 0x3de3, 0x2c6a, 0x1ef1, 0x0f78

#define PPP_INITFCS     0xffff      /* Initial FCS value */
#define PPP_GOODFCS     0xf0b8      /* Good final FCS value */
#define PPP_FCS(fcs, c) (((fcs) >> 8) ^ fcstab[((fcs) ^ (c)) & 0xff])

void print_packet(unsigned char *buf, int len)
      int x;
      printf("{ ");
      for (x=0;x<len;x++)
            printf("%02x ",buf[x]);

static int fd;
static struct fasthdlc_state fs;

void send_packet(unsigned char *buf, int len)
      int res;
      int x;
      int out;
      unsigned char outbuf[BLOCK_SIZE];
      int pos=0;
      unsigned int fcs = PPP_INITFCS;
      if (hdlcmode)
            res = write(fd, buf, len + 2);
      else {
            for (x=0;x<len;x++) {
                  if (fasthdlc_tx_load(&fs, buf[x]))
                        printf("Load error\n");
                  fcs = PPP_FCS(fcs, buf[x]);
                  outbuf[pos++] = fasthdlc_tx_run(&fs);
                  if (fs.bits > 7)
                        outbuf[pos++] = fasthdlc_tx_run(&fs);
            fcs ^= 0xffff;
            if (fasthdlc_tx_load(&fs, (fcs & 0xff)))
                  fprintf(stderr, "Load error (fcs1)\n");
            outbuf[pos++] = fasthdlc_tx_run(&fs);
            if (fs.bits > 7)
                  outbuf[pos++] = fasthdlc_tx_run(&fs);
            if (fasthdlc_tx_load(&fs, ((fcs >> 8) & 0xff)))
                  fprintf(stderr, "Load error (fcs2)\n");
            outbuf[pos++] = fasthdlc_tx_run(&fs);
            if (fs.bits > 7)
                  outbuf[pos++] = fasthdlc_tx_run(&fs);
            if (fasthdlc_tx_frame(&fs))
                  fprintf(stderr, "Frame error\n");
            if (fs.bits > 7)
                  outbuf[pos++] = fasthdlc_tx_run(&fs);
            if (fs.bits > 7)
                  outbuf[pos++] = fasthdlc_tx_run(&fs);
            write(fd, outbuf, pos);

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
      int fd2;
      int ires, res, x;
      int i;
      ZT_PARAMS tp;
      int bs = BLOCK_SIZE;
      unsigned char c=0;
      unsigned char inbuf[BLOCK_SIZE];
      unsigned char outbuf[BLOCK_SIZE];
      unsigned int fcs;
      static int packets=0;
      if (argc < 2) {
            fprintf(stderr, "Usage: markhdlctest <tor device>\n");
      fd = open(argv[1], O_RDWR, 0600);
      if (fd < 0) {
            fprintf(stderr, "Unable to open %s: %s\n", argv[1], strerror(errno));
      if (ioctl(fd, ZT_SET_BLOCKSIZE, &bs)) {
            fprintf(stderr, "Unable to set block size to %d: %s\n", bs, strerror(errno));
      if (ioctl(fd, ZT_GET_PARAMS, &tp)) {
            fprintf(stderr, "Unable to get channel parameters\n");
      if ((tp.sigtype & ZT_SIG_HDLCRAW) == ZT_SIG_HDLCRAW) {
            printf("In HDLC mode\n");
            hdlcmode = 1;
      } else if ((tp.sigtype & ZT_SIG_CLEAR) == ZT_SIG_CLEAR) {
            printf("In CLEAR mode\n");
            hdlcmode = 0;
      } else {
            fprintf(stderr, "Not in a reasonable mode\n");
      res = ioctl(fd, ZT_GET_BUFINFO, &bi);
      if (!res) {
            bi.txbufpolicy = ZT_POLICY_IMMEDIATE;
            bi.rxbufpolicy = ZT_POLICY_IMMEDIATE;
            bi.numbufs = 4;
            res = ioctl(fd, ZT_SET_BUFINFO, &bi);
            if (res < 0) {
                  fprintf(stderr, "Unable to set buf info: %s\n", strerror(errno));
      } else {
            fprintf(stderr, "Unable to get buf info: %s\n", strerror(errno));
      ioctl(fd, ZT_GETEVENT);
#if 0
      print_packet(outbuf, res);
      printf("FCS is %x, PPP_GOODFCS is %x\n",
      for(;;) {
            if (c < 1)
                  c = 1;
            for (x=0;x<50;x++) {
                  outbuf[x] = c;
            send_packet(outbuf, 50);
#if 0
            printf("Wrote %d of %d bytes\n", res, c);
            c = bit_next(c);
#if 0
            printf("(%d) Wrote %d bytes\n", packets++, res);

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